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Delta 9 Gourmet Gummies

Delta 8 & Delta 9 Gourmet Gummies

Our unique mouthwatering Delta-8 & Delta-9 Gourmet Gummy flavors taste great and have the right potency you need. See for yourself!

What are the effects of Delta-8?

It contains neuroprotective properties that may help reduce anxiety, pain, and nausea. It also produces psychotropic effects similar to delta-9, the primary form of THC in cannabis, but delta-8 is slightly less potent.

Delta 8 Benefits
Is Delta 8 Legal?

Is Delta-8 Legal?

Delta-8 is legal to use in most states. That’s because it is hemp-derived CBD, which is legal to farm across the U.S. Delta-8 is a naturally occurring cannabinoid and derived from hemp is legalized in the 2018 Farm Bill, as such it is not prohibited under federal law.

What is Delta 8?

Delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol is a psychoactive cannabinoid found in the Cannabis plant. It is an isomer of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, the compound commonly known as THC. ∆⁸-THC has antiemetic, anxiolytic, orexigenic, analgesic, and neuroprotective properties.

What is Delta 8?


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