THCP - Information

Experience an unforgettable high with THCP, the most potent THC cannabinoid. THCP offers immediate and highly psychoactive effects that are approximately 33x as strong as Delta-9.

How To Use THCP

In its initial form, THCP, is cannabigerolic acid (CBGA), commonly known as “mother cannabinoid” which other cannabinoids are derived from. When heated, the molecule is formed by carboxyl groups, which comprise of one carbon, two oxygen, and one hydrogen atom. THC-P products can be highly or mildly potent. Typically, cannabinoids like THCP can be consumed through various methods such as smoking, vaping, ingesting via edibles or tinctures, or applying topically in the form of creams or lotions.

Each delivery method has a unique potency of effects based on how efficiently the cannabinoid absorbs into the body. However, the specific dosages and effects of THCP may not be as well-documented as other cannabinoids, so it's advisable to start with a low dose, especially if you are new to this compound, and gradually increase it while closely monitoring its effects on your body.

How Potent is THCP?

THCP is known for its notably stimulating properties, making it stand out within the broader spectrum of cannabinoids. While it constitutes only a minor fraction of the overall cannabinoid composition, its potency is striking. In fact, THCP exhibits an astonishing 33-fold increase in potency compared to standard THC, resulting in a significantly magnified impact on the body.

It's worth noting that THCP is a relatively newly discovered cannabinoid, and ongoing research is being conducted to better understand its properties and potential therapeutic benefits. As more studies are conducted, we may gain a deeper understanding of THCP's effects and dosages. However, given its potency, responsible usage and adherence to local regulations are essential when considering the consumption of THCP or any cannabis-related product.

Where to buy THCP ?

THCP, a cannabinoid with unique properties, is available for online purchase through the Ocho Extract store. This online retailer likely offers a range of THCP products, providing consumers with a convenient way to access this particular cannabinoid. However, it's essential to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations concerning THCP in your area before making a purchase.

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