Ocho XL 3 Gram Disposable - Blue Razz Live Resin THC-P Blend - Hybrid
Ocho XL 3 Gram Disposable - Blue Razz Live Resin THC-P Blend - Hybrid THC Delta 8 - HHC - THCo - Ocho Extracts
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Ocho XL 3 Gram Disposable - Blue Razz Live Resin THCP Blend - Hybrid

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This tasty hybrid produces easy-going effects that are uplifting and enjoyable. Blue Razz offers a jammy flavor profile with skunky undertones. Our blend of THCP and Delta-8 has the right combination for getting some last-minute mind activation before settling for bed, with stimulating effects that boost the spirits and get you feeling focused.


Strain: Blue Razz (Hybrid)
 3 Gram Disposable Vape 

How to Use

5 clicks - ON/OFF
2 Clicks - preheat
Connect device to USB-C cord for charging. Activate device and inhale.
USB-C cord not included.

Delta-8 THCP 
Experience an unforgettable high with THCP, the most potent THC cannabinoid. THCP offers immediate and highly psychoactive effects that are approximately 33x as strong as Delta-9. We combined it with Delta-8, for a new level of relaxation, thanks to its famous soothing and uplifting properties you'll be left feeling stress-free with a mellow state of mind.
What is Delta-8?
Delta-8, the godfather molecule of the industry, offers a user-friendly experience that is similar to Delta-9. It's perfect for inexperienced consumers and referred to by us as "diet weed" because of its softer effects on the body and mind while providing all the benefits of actual cannabis. Delta-8 is made from pure CBD isolate and is another magical gift from these amazing hemp plants.

What is THCP? 

THCP (phytocannabinoid) is renowned for its unparalleled potency, with its effects measuring approximately 33x that of Delta-9 THC. Its power manifests itself in the brain and body quickly, offering an intense and euphoric experience.

What is Live Resin?
Live Resin is the extraction process that uses frozen Hemp plants. This extraction process aims to maintain the potency and rich flavors of the Hemp plant while preventing oxidation.
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This product contains less than 0.3% THC.