Having Sex On Delta 8

Having Sex on Delta 8

Sex is great, but Delta 8 can enhance the experience beyond your wildest dreams. Delta 8 can promote those euphoric, relaxed, and heightened sensitivity vibes, all the best parts of having great sex.

There is a considerable amount of research showing the scientific side of the sexual benefits of CBD and cannabis, down to what terpene creates what sensation.

Delta 8 THC is the middle man between CBD and Delta 9 THC, found in cannabis, so with Delta 8, you get the best of both worlds. Let's get into why you should considered having sex Delta 8 THC.

Getting High Before Sex

Getting high before sex

Whether you enjoy a proper dinner and a movie or are more into the Netflix and chill style of setting the mood, adding some Delta 8 to your date can help you take it to the next level.

Delta 8 might help increase arousal and is much more fun than other aphrodisiacs like oysters. For your next date, swap out that bottle of wine for a bowl packed for two; there's nothing more romantic.

When using Delta 8, finding what works best for you is vital. There are many forms of delta 8 out there; disposablescartridges and edibles being some of the most popular.

Vapable forms like disposables and cartridges are faster-acting and better for when you’re in the heat of the moment. Edibles are always fun but take longer to kick in, making them better as a shared activity before getting into the thick of it.

Perfect Delta 8 Strains for Sex

Perfect Delta 8 Strains for Sex

Specific strains and terpenes promote different experiences, allowing you to curate the mood. Depending on your desires, some strains may be better for you than others.

If you want to get things going, a Sativa or Hybrid would be a great option, whereas an Indica would be a lot better if you’re looking for something to chill for those nerves of having sex.


But wait, there’s more! Even the specific strain and terpenes can turn it into a whole new experience. One thing to look out for in finding the perfect blend is limonene terpene strains with bright citrus scents to give that cloud 9 mood.

Linalool terpene strains with notes of lavender are ideal since they are better for promoting chill vibes, and CBD-dominant strains to promote that sensitivity when touched type of atmosphere.

Best Delta 8 Strains for Sex

So what are the best strains for sex? Among the most popular are Green Crack, Wedding Cake, Skywalker OG, Mimosa, Sour Diesel and Banana OG. Here are some of our products with the best blends for having sex.

Green Crack - This is a Sativa that might be able to promote arousal and stamina, while stimulating your brain to increase that focus.

Skywalker OG - This Hybrid has a heavy bodily sensation that can promote relaxation and touch sensation, great for enhancing that feeling.

Zkittles + Sour Diesel - We talked about terpenes and Delta 8, even though these are HHC, which has a great calming qualities, Zkittles and sour Diesel have great profiles for sex. Sour Diesel is an indica with more energizing properties than most so you get a good blend of the Indica relaxation and the uplifted feel you get from a Sativa. Zkittles is an Indica dominant hybrid, great for putting you in a relaxed mood and increase in sensation.

Don’t get too high

You can’t have sex if you’re too high to have sex.

The Potency of Delta 8 versus Delta 9 in cannabis makes it easier to find your perfect high for all your extracurricular activities. Delta 8 has a lower potency while still achieving the most desirable experience when it comes to sex, allowing you to take your time and work up to the perfect point.

Delta 8 should enhance the experience for everyone involved because sex isn’t fun unless everyone is having fun; Therefore, be sure to use good judgment and find what works best for you and your partner.

Delta 8 is very similar to cannabis in that it affects the mind and body, but without the brain fog that can come with Delta 9 THC. Delta 8 keeps the mind relatively straightforward, so you can be present at the moment and fully enjoy the experience from start to finish.

Have More Sex on Delta 8

Have more sex on Delta 8

So we’ve covered some more fun effects, but Delta 8 can have other benefits. Those who tend to be distracted in the bedroom should try using Delta 8.

The known vibes of relaxation, heightened sensitivity, and arousal can all contribute to helping when it matters the most. A lack of arousal can also result from stress or outside factors that can be distracting during sex.

No matter how experienced you are, sex can be nerve-wracking. Delta 8 can help promote those mellow vibes to calm the nerves. Also, it can be a fun shared activity.

A little smoke sesh added into your routine can spice things up and open the door to new opportunities. The best way to learn is by doing so next time you’re getting down and dirty; try getting high, and experience the benefits of Delta 8.

Try Delta 8 for yourself!

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